Parfumeries à Grasse, France

Before leaving Nice on Monday, Maria and I decided to take a day trip to Grasse, aka the Perfume Capital of the World. Since it is a lot easier to reach from Nice than from Toulon, we just decided to add it to our weekend trip. We took bus 500 on the Lignes d’Azur for a mere 1€50 each way and arrived within the hour. Grasse is situated on top of mountains in the Alps-Martitimes region, and it is just so beautiful.

As I stated before, tiny Grasse is the La Capitale Mondiale des Parfums, or World Capital of Perfumes, and three companies, including Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard, have their headquarters set up here. Maria and I decided to start our day in the International Perfume Museum, where we learned about the history of perfume and how it has adapted over time (I must say I found it fascinating.) Perfumes were originally used in religions and to speak with various Greek Gods, especially at death. Late, when the Greeks and Romans collided, glass perfume bottles became more of a thing. During the Black Death Era, perfume was sprayed in order to hide and protect others from sickness. Finally, women used to put perfume bottles on strings and hang them down their backs so that when they fainted due to a too-tight corset, the bottle would break, the smell reviving her.

After the museum, Maria and I enjoyed lunch and then had a free private tour of the Fragonard Factory. We spent the remainder of the day exploring the town. I highly recommend a trip to Grasse!




International Perfume Museum




After spending the rest of the week in Toulon exploring the area and applying for jobs, I am off to Istanbul, Turkey for the week. The blog will pick up next week!



5 thoughts on “Parfumeries à Grasse, France

  1. Hi Dana! I’ve been placed in Grasse! =) Now I have to figure out… do I want to live in Grasse? Or try to commute from Cannes or Nice…. what do you think?

    1. Hi! I was only in Grasse once, but it’s a lovely town! It’s accessible from Nice by bus (takes about an hour) but make sure you are able to stomach the twists and turns into the mountains. I know that there were two assistants placed in Grasse last year, and I think at least one of them lived in Cannes and also commuted by bus (I believe it’s a bit closer). If you can, contact the past assistant to see what they did or if they have leads on housing (also contact your supervisor). You can always decide once you get there, too, and see how it goes. Overall it will depend on you and your goals for the program- big accessible city or small town with integration opportunities. It may also depend on your teaching schedule and the bus times. Good luck!

      1. Maybe try joining last year’s fb page (try searching something like Assistant de Langue Académie de Nice 2013-2014). Or, usually your school gives you the contact info for the previous assistant (at least a name and email so you can get in touch with them via fb)

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