Musique Mercredi: Maître Gims, Kahled, Stromae

Since arriving back in Toulon after New Year’s in Paris, I have been hearing three songs in particular on the radio.

Tous Les Mêmes: Stromae

Yes, Stromae hit the list once again. His new hit song, currently at #4 on the charts, Tous Les Mêmes is on the radio every 5 minutes, and the music video is pretty sick. Stromae plays a man and a woman in this video; both complain about how the opposite sex is “all the same” and he’s just sick of it. Stromae is actually touring around France this year, but unfortunately all of his shows are sold out ! It would have been such a cool experience to see him live!

Zombie: Maître Gims

I actually heard this song for the first time in Toulouse with Sarah and really liked it. It is currently #5 on the French charts. This is about a man talking to himself about being a paranoid zombie because he is depressed. It’s quite easy to follow with the lyrics in front of you.

C’est la Vie: Khaled

This song was actually bigger in 2012, but I hear it all the time here in France. I think one of the most important things about this song is that it is partially sung in Arabic, by an Arab man. Due to the various immigration issues and culture clashes here in France, I think this song is a great example of the cultures coming together: “On va s’aimer, on va danser, oh c’est la vie, la la la la la la!”



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