Lecteur Lesson/TAPIF Tip: What to do When You Move

Sometimes during your living situation does not work out and you have to move. (For initial information on finding a place to live, click here.) Today’s post is about what to do when you move, and how to stay organized during the overall process.

First, if your apartment is furnished, you must first notify your landlord and/or roommates that you are leaving, minimum one month in advance. If your apartment is unfurnished, you need to notify your landlords a minimum of 3 months in advance.

Next, it is time to start changing your address and forwarding your mail.

  • Your school/university
  • The Rectorat
  • OFII
  • MGEN (social security)
  • Phone Company
  • Bank
  • Utilities Companies
  • Internet/Cable Companies
  • Friends, colleagues, and family

1. The first thing to do is go to the Post Office and request an address change. To do this, there is a form to fill out, and depending on how many months you would like your mail forwarded, it costs a certain amount of money. I chose to do six months, and it costed me about 20 euros. I simply filled out the form, paid the check, and my mail began forwarding within the week. It is also completely possible to fill out this form online.

2. The next thing I did is went to my school secretary, who changed my address information at the high school where I work and also forwarded the information to the head at the Rectorat de Nice, who is in charge of all of the assistants. If you are a lecteur at the university, the secretaries will be able to change your address in their records. Eventually, you will also need to give them a new copy of your lease to prove your change of address.

3. Cancel or transfer your utilities (water, electricity, internet, and gas). Today, this is easy and can be done instantly online or over the phone. You simply need to follow the instructions, read the compteur, and wait to receive your last facture. If you have internet to be rid of you, you may have a cancellation fee (around 50 euros) and be required to deposit the box somewhere.

4. Phone: I am with Free, so, I simply logged into my account and changed my address. They sent me a confirmation code to my new address, and I logged back in to my account, tapped in the code, and voila.

5. Bank- You must take a copy of your new lease to the bank, where they will change and update your address into their system.

6. CAF- You can change your address for CAF online using your login information, and then CAF will eventually send you updated forms to fill out or turn in (but your dossier should be changed automatically).

7. MGEN- Inform MGEN of your new address change by phone, email, or going in person.

8. OFII- Technically, you are supposed to contact OFII about any address changes or updates. Simply shoot them an email inquiring about any new paperwork to fill out (but really, the hassle may not even be necessary.)

9. Send an email to your friends and family informing them of your address change.

One final thing I did was sell my microwave and toaster on Le Bon Coin for some extra cash (this is the same websites I’ve used to find my apartment.)



5 thoughts on “Lecteur Lesson/TAPIF Tip: What to do When You Move

    1. I moved because my studio was bad. No wifi, no tv, no washing machine… and I was lonely and far from my friends. Glad I lived there though because it taught me not to settle when looking for a place to live!

      1. Ahhh okay, I have a tv, crappy wifi, no washing machine and am far from people (but many people are far from each other in this area) but I think I’ll be fine.

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