2014 : The Year of Living in the Moment

The year 2013 was amazing and life-changing. (The world didn’t end!) I had a chance to look back on my 2013 goals and resolutions to see what I had accomplished (I’ll give you a hint: Finding a teaching job and moving abroad, and losing almost fifteen pounds! Overall, 3/5 goals accomplished!)

I believe in the idea of New Years Resolutions, changing one’s life, and bettering oneself, but I don’t believe that a person necessarily has to wait until the new year to start changing their life. I’m entering 2014 quite blindly. I know I am going to be spending 5 full months in France, and then helping my best friend celebrate her marriage in Florida, but after that, I’m not sure. I have some ideas, but really, I’m not sure. I just know I’m not ready to settle down.

I rang in 2014 in Paris this year, and it was perfect. All I wanted to do was live in the moment. I then realized my perfect 2014 New Years Slogan: Live in the Moment.


I don’t know if I will ever have another chance to live in France. I don’t know if I will have another chance to travel to Barcelona or Istanbul or Morocco or Italy or Corsica. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to be surrounded by so many internationally diverse friends. Instead of being depressed about leaving, I just want to embrace the present and live in the moment; I want to appreciate the now. I’m I sick of always being known as “The Planner.” I’m sick of always worry about the future and looking too far ahead. Although these traits are sometimes practical, and there are essential tasks to start doing, such as applying and searching for jobs, I just want to take these next five months to grab every opportunity and seize the day.

Additionally, this year I am striving to stand up more for myself, and not feel guilty doing what is right and what is best for me. I want to be able to make a decision and not think twice about it, and not feel guilty for simply being me And doing what I need to do in order to feel happy.

Here’s to 2014: to embracing and loving life in France and living in the moment.

For fun: below some pictures of New Years in Paris


Our wonderful hosts!


NYE Cocktails


It never gets old-ringing in 2014 at the Eiffel Tower


Place de la Concorde


Notre Dame by night

Christmas Markets on the Champs Élysées





Let me know what you think!

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