My Blog in review: 2013

Well folks, as we head full speed into 2014, I thought I would take the time to review statistics and post the most popular posts of 2013, chosen by you according to statistics. I will also throw in my personal favorites. Feel free to take a few minutes to reminisce and reread the best of the best!

The Most-Read Post of 2013:
The Day in the Life of Street Harassment in the South of France.
This post got a lot of “likes” on Facebook, as well as quite a few “favorites” and “retweets” on Twitter. In addition, I received several flattering messages from fellow women and friends thanking me for posting about this problem and using my voice. Curiously enough, I was told by multiple Frenchmen that I had no business posting this– that what I experienced wasn’t really harassment, that I should actually be flattered, and that I am overreacting *cough male privilege cough* Needless to say, this post caught people’s attention and did its job.

The Most-Commented Post of 2013:
My Two Cents on Packing For a Long-Term Trip.
I wrote this post on a whim after I was fed up of trying to pack practically. I think the key to any successful traveler is to pack comfortably, every if it means taking a supply of hair products or medications or six pairs of shoes. I had a lot of interesting responses- check them out!

My Favorite Posts:
My Thoughts on Beaches and Modesty in France.
I’m a Traveler, Not a Tourist (And So Are You!)
I’m Not Lucky, I Just Work Hard.
Why I Believe Gap Years are Important and Necessary.
Solo Female Travel: It’s a Label I Support and Encourage.

Most Popular Google Searches:
People usually stumble across my blog while researching “TAPIF,” “Laïcité,” “Secularism in French schools,” “la bise,” “French cinemas,” and “Japanese Baths.” (Yes, people are still reading my Japan posts from 2011- yay!)

I was published three times this year on two professional blogs, Teaching Traveling and A Woman’s Paris. Check them out!

“Why On Earth Would You Want to Teach French?”
“C’est Normal: The French Philosophy and Their Genuine Politeness”
“Great Resources to Teach Abroad in France, Japan, and More!”

Most Popular “TAPIF Tip Tuesday Post:
How to Find Housing in France
Every other or Tuesday or so, I try to write a how-to series for future TAPIFers this one was at the top, probably because you need to find housing before you can do anything else!

Most Popular Post About French Schools:
La Laïcité: Secularism in French Schools

Most Popular Travel Post:
Back to Normandy
I’m not sure why this post was the most popular, but I’m not complaining about it! Perhaps it’s because I started this blog when I moved to Normandy- I’m not sure!

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “My Blog in review: 2013

    1. Yes, I agree! Thank so much! I enjoyed (well I’m not sure if that’s quite the word) writing that post too, and at least it’s getting attention and helping people reflect about this bigger problem!

      I had a chance to catch up on your blog too! Loved some of the book recommendations!


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