Musique Mercredi: A Large Mix

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Musique Mercredi, and one of the reasons is because it is really hard to find new French songs! This is because most French radio stations play English and American music ! Luckily, while I was riding with my new 21-year-old friend via co-voiturage to Annecy last weekend, she introduced me to a few new songs on the radio:


1.  Cendrillon by Matthieu Mendès

The song Cendrillon, aka Cinderella, was written in the 1980’s by Louis Bertignac, and from what I understand, is France’s equivalent of Don’t Stop Believing by Journey– meaning everyone knows the song. This popular singer of 2013, Matthieu Mendès, rrecently re-did the song. The lyrics explain the man’s jolies petites histoires, aka his nice littles stories of a woman named Cendrillon, or Cinderella.

The original is found here:


2. Formidable by Stromae

Yes, Stromae made the list again. I published about his hit song, Papaoutai, back in October, but the truth is that this Belgian pop star is just the hottest thing in Europe right now. This song of his also hit number one on the charts this year. Formidable has an interesting back story: basically earlier this year, images and videos of Stromae, apparently drunk and wandering at the Louise/Louiza tram and metro station in Brussels, went viral online. However, a few days later it was revealed that he was actually filming a music video. The lyrics he sings are about his ex-girfriend, and about how she and their relationship were formidable, or amazing, but he screwed it up and now drinks to cope.


3. Presque Arrivé by Charlie Brown featuring Leila

I heard this song on the radio about a month ago but just never got around to posting about it. It is an uplifting song in both English in French (Charlie sings the English and Leila sings the French.) The English version translates to, “I’m on my Way,” and you can find an all-English music video with just Charlie on YouTube. This song is just fun and uplifting, about working hard and going for what you want, even if you’re not quite there yet.

What French music have you been listening to lately?


Let me know what you think!

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