Annecy, France

I spent this past weekend in Annecy, France, with my friend Pierre, whom I met back in 2010. When I first met Pierre four years ago, there were five of us who made the trek to the French Alps to spend a weekend skiing and enjoying raclette.


I arrived Friday night via Covoiturage (also known as BlaBla Car) Europe’s carpooling website. For more information on cheap Europe travel, check out my blog post here. I drove with a 21-year-old woman and we got along great!

The ride was about five hours from Toulon, and Pierre’s family had dinner waiting for me when I arrived at 11:00 PM. Spontaneously, the three of us (Pierre, his girlfriend Irada, and me) went for a drink in town. On Saturday morning we woke up early because we were planning to go skiing (and we had all of our gear!) but unfortunately the slopes were closed due to lack of snow. So, instead we made the best of the situation and decided to drive down to Lac d’Annecy, which is one of the cleanest in Europe and also the third largest lake in France- the water was crystal clear, just as I had remembered! We walked around some of the perimeter and then did some more driving to get better views of the mountains. Then, we headed into town to see their Christmas market (which is very impressive) and the light spectacle (kind of like Annecy’s version of the Festival of Lights.)




That night we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with his family and then watched a documentary entitled, «J’irai Dormir Chez Vous,» which is about a French man who comes to road trip across the USA via sleeping on people’s couches, which was actually just downright hilarious to watch as an American with a group of French people (and Irada, who is from Azerbaijan.)

We spent Saturday night with Pierre’s friends and then enjoyed the ever-famous Sunday Lunch before I caught my train this afternoon. It was a quick but wonderful weekend returning to one of the most picturesque parts of France. This week I am packing up my bags for the Christmas holidays, and my suitcases because I’m moving!

Joyeuses Fêtes,


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