Catching Fire: N’oublie pas qui est l’ennemi

Until a few minutes ago, I was literally almost dying of anticipation over here in France. Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out last week in the United States, and of course since all of my USA besties are die-hards they saw it at midnight. But, Catching Fire still does not come out in France until the 27th of November! About a week ago, Catching Fire posters started making their way around the bus stops in Toulon. And, a few days ago, I saw an advertisement for the Avant-Premier (Sneak Preview) of Catching Fire at the local cinema, Pathé, here in Toulon. I sort of brushed it off, saying to myself that I’d wait a few weeks to see it in English (and die a little bit inside until I did), but fortunately I have some very connected friends! My Spanish friend’s landlord’s friend’s friend is the director of the Pathé Cinema here in Toulon, and long story short, they met each other at a party last weekend and my Spanish friend scored some free tickets to the sneak preview, and invited me to go ! I was so excited to see the sneak preview of Catching Fire! I was a bit nervous because the film was in VF (Vérsion Française, aka dubbed in French)– read about French cinemas here! But fortunately, I understood absolutely everything, and was still able to laugh, cry, and be stunned at all the right times (although I am sure that the fact that I have read the book three times helped a lot)! 1465326_10200894257271099_2048010912_n For the record, I loved the movie; it stuck perfectly to the story line of the book. Although I will admit that the ending came very fast- I thought they could have dragged it on a bit longer. Seeing the film in French did not at all take away my emotional connection to the film, which was awesome for many reasons. I have been worrying about my progress (or lack thereof) in French, but after tonight I know I am improving, because I watched an entire film in French sans sous titres (without subtitles) without a problem, and I’ve never had to do that before (and that my friends, feels really good!) I can’t wait for Mocking Jay to make its appearance soon (Don’t forget who is the real enemy!)



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