La Fête du Livre du Var à Toulon

Living in France, I want to really try to integrate myself into the community. This means doing things like finding my own local boulangerie, going to the market to do most of my grocery shopping, spending my Monday nights at the city’s language conversation group, and attending big events such as rugby matches, Toulon Voiles de Légende, and La Fête des Livres du Var, which was this past weekend in Toulon.


La Fête du Livre du Var or the Book Partyis an annual event here in Toulon where more than 200 authors come for a weekend to promote and sell their books, sign autographs, and even host and participate in debates, live discussions, conferences, and literary cafés. It was an awesome opportunity to meet and speak with French authors from around the region and beyond! One author in particular inspired me: Jacques-Michel HURET. The title of his book is, «J’ai oublié 30 ans de ma Vie» (I Forgot the First 30 years of my Life.) His book is his true story about how he got into an accident and developed amnesia– and never recovered. However, thanks to the support of his amazing family, he was able to fall in love again with his wife, and he has been able to rebuild himself. The way he spoke so positively about how he was able to reinvent himself and take control of his life was enough for me to buy a copy of his book to read (and he included a signed dedication). I can’t wait to start reading it!




Let me know what you think!

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