Cannes, France

On Monday, we had the day off for L’armistice which honors the soldiers who fought in WWI but also coincides with America’s Veteran’s Day. (I promise, no more holidays now until Christmas!) Coincidentally, my host mom from Caen was in Nice, so we decided to meet in the middle, in Cannes (not to be confused with Caen!)


The only thing I know about Cannes is that of course it is the home of the Cannes International Film Festival every year in May, so of course I knew it was chic. But Cannes is so beautiful! The two of us decided to take a boat ride to one of the islands, Île Saint Honorât, which hosts grape harvests and houses the monks and monasteries. It is also surrounded by turquoise waters. It was beautiful to just walk around and speak French all day. We climbed the monuments, peeped into the chateau, sipped some cafés, and ate sandwiches on the beach.

When we returned to the mainland, we climbed the famous chateau, walked along the Promenade de Croisette, and window shopped on the famous street, Rue d’Antibes.

It was a great day, and I cannot wait to see my host family again at Christmas!


Enjoying a cafe while I wait for Catherine to arrive.


Cannes from the boat




Clear, turquoise waters








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