St. Tropez, France

This past Saturday, a few assistants (as well as our French friend!) decided to take a day trip to St. Tropez! St. Tropez is about one hour away by car or bus- we decided to take the local bus for 3€!

St. Tropez is known for its expensive taste, and is quite popular with celebrities during the summer holidays. There are plenty of yachts and summer homes scattered along the coast, and the town is filled with expensive shopping brands, such as Hermes, Dior, Chanel, etc.


One of the first thing we did upon arriving in St. Tropez is buy the famous dessert, une tarte tropezienne! It is almost like a tangy creme puff– delicious !


Next we wandered along the Quai Mistral, and awed at all of the yachts and colorful houses scattered along the port. There were also amazing street artists capturing the stunning views of St. Tropez. We then made our way up La Porte Du Revelen to admire the poissonerie (fish market) and into the old town, until we stumbled along steep steps, which led to the top of La Citadelle XVII. Amazing views of the city and the well known clock tower!







Then we made our way to the famous Saturday market, aka La Place des Lices, and then found a semi-cheap burger joint. It was at this time that our French friend joined us! He took us to see some great spots in the city, and then we enjoyed some gelato.

We finished the afternoon hiking along the beaches (which are NOT impressive), admiring the views of the hidden celebrity houses (IMPRESSIVE!), the St. Tropez cemetery, recently decorated for Toussaint, and then sipped a Monaco next to the famous VIP club, where most Hollywood celebrities hang out and party when they vacation in the south of France.



That night upon returning to Toulon, I met up with a colleague for dinner near my place. Overall, a good day!



Let me know what you think!

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