Do You Believe In Fate? Or Coincidence?

Back in 2011, I went to spend a weekend at my friend Erin’s house. Finals were approaching, and I needed a change of scenery. Erin spent the later part of her childhood in a lovely town in central Wisconsin, which is full of small business owners- including a local psychic. For pure fun and entertainment, Erin and I went to see this psychic during my weekend stay– According to Erin’s family, she was pretty accurate, so I went in with an open mind.

We sat down and she read my tarot cards. She said a lot of interesting things that day, but one thing stuck out– “You’re going to marry a foreign military man one day,” said told me. “You’re going to travel a lot, and when you settle down, you’re going to be settled abroad.” I was excited about the settling down abroad part, but sort of in disbelief when she mentioned a partner in my future (I’m not the army wife type.) It was interesting, and fun, and although sometimes general, weirdly accurate. I left satisfied- it was a unique and fun thing experience.

Fast forward two years later, to this past June. I had just received my placement in Toulon, France. “Toulon!?” I thought to myself, “Why was I placed here– there’s not much to see or do! Why couldn’t I have been placed in Nice!?” However I quickly got over that initial disappointment and reminded myself that I was spending a year on the Côte d’Azur and therefore had nothing to complain about. I started researching Toulon, only to find out it was one of the biggest Naval ports in France and Europe. Initially I did not recall my visit to the psychic, but a few weeks later, it dawned on me. Coincidence? Maybe– but curious all the same.

Fast forward to now. I have been in France for two whole months, and in Toulon for approximately 1.5. The coincidence between my location in France and this psychic’s predictions lingers in the back of my mind, but anyone who knows me knows that I am not the type of person who bases her entire life and worth on finding a boyfriend. I’m living my life here the best way I know how– day-to-day, indulging on the awesomeness this small city has to offer. Last night, a group of us (aka every American in this city and then some) went to an American-run Mexican restaurant to celebrate Halloween, as the holiday really doesn’t exist in France. Curiously enough, there was an American woman giving free palm readings. I marched right up to her table and sat down. We chatted and made small talk, and then she took my left hand.


Again, although general statements, she knew I was having emotions in regards to adjusting to expat life in addition to my overall growth as an twenty-something independent adult. But it was the next thing she said that made my heart skip a beat. “You haven’t met the love of your life yet, but you will. And you’ll meet him here– in spring. And you’ll know, and so will he. He’s foreign, but he’s not French. He’s military.” She continued, “I see a trip to Italy coming up- you’re going to have fun. You’re going to so some more traveling. And when you settle down, it won’t be stateside.”

Coincidence? Maybe. But interesting all the same.

I guess we will see what unfolds as I embark on another 7 months in France.




9 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Fate? Or Coincidence?

  1. Interesting! I love reading about psychic/intuitive stuff and I wonder what will happen. The question that I always come back to is how do your own actions/decisions/thoughts shape the predictions. The way I see it, our futures are always in flux depending on the actions we take now. Like obviously if you left France now and went home, you won’t meet someone. But if you stay ’til spring and still don’t meet someone, should you wait around? And if you do go to Italy, will it have something to do with this prediction or would you have gone anyway? Hard to tell since it’s now in your head. Also, will you NOT see a perfectly cool French guy who comes along as boyfriend material now because you’re subconsciously waiting for this foreign military man in the future? I haven’t seen a psychic ever but have worked with intuitive people and it’s fascinating to think about how our actions can and will shape what happens down the road. I wish you all the best on your quest for love — with this military guy in the spring or whoever! 😉

    1. Diane,

      I completely agree with you! I want to believe that I have my own control over my own destiny, though at the same time, ideas about higher powers and psychics, etc fascinate me (and who am I to tell someone that there is no God or that they do not have a certain gift.) I Like to also think that our destiny can change based on our choices.. Although maybe we were always meant to arrive where we are, even if we arrive differently than we had expected.

      Italy was always in the books- it was always my plan to travel through Italy at the end of my contract. As for the whole potential military dude thing, I have the same questions you do! I’ve never had an active dating life, and I am not someone who goes out searching for a boyfriend or defines her success and happiness based on if I make single or not; I don’t go out looking for relationships; I just live my life day-to-day and I am happy being independent and doing what I want. I hope that both consciously and subconsciously I can continue doing so, even though you totally have a valid point– will I throw away potential opportunities because I’m subconsciously waiting for another– which might now actually happen !? (I’d be lying if I said I’d never thought about the first psychic predictions after I made the connection to Toulon!)

      I just thought it was too crazy of a coincidence not to share- two different years, two different parts of the world, two different people, two different methods of predictions— same outcome.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well…I suppose that seals the deal…when should we plan to go to Italy?! You pick the dates…I’m hopeless…there would likely be a typhoon or outbreak of plague. 😀

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