Musique Mercredi- La Vie Du Bon Côté by Keen’v


I have decided to run a new weekly feature on my blog: Musique Mercredi, aka Music Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I will promote a new or popular French song I have been hearing whilst in France. This week is a song by Keen’v featuring Lorelei B: La Vie Du Bon Côté. this is a song about how they are fed up living their lives filled with negativity and stuck in a day-to-day life that doesn’t make them happy. So, they decide that instead of having regrets when they are older, that, they are going to just start living the life they want. This song is very catchy and Keen’v is one of my favorite French artist. If you like this video, try checking out one of his other hit songs from 2012, Ma Vie Au Soleil.

Ca y’est, j’en ai assez, assez de m’lamenter,
J’vais effacer l’passé pour tout recommencer,
Me libérer, j’ai décidé d’prendre la vie du bon côté.

Bisous, Dana

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