Allez Toulon!

On Saturday night I went to my first rugby match! The people I am staying with this week have connections and can always score tickets, so they let me tag along!

It turns out that Toulon is best rugby team in Europe! This last match was against Bayonne, which is a city in the southwest corner if France, near the Spanish border. Rugby is a big deal here, and the stadium is right in the middle if the city. Close by is a huge statue of a rugby ball.

Rugby matches are a Lot like football matches, only more French. Most people sit in their seats until it gets really exciting, like when someone is close to scoring a goal. Then everyone gets up and starts cheering! There are several cheers that are just like your typical US cheers, such as «Allez Toulon!» (Go Toulon)!

Everyone either wears red and black (Toulon’s colors) or they just dress up nicely (I wore jeans and nice scarf and was not out of place). After the match, many local restaurants set up beer tents and buffets with music and hor d’oeuvres, and it is free to enter if you present your ticket (votre place) at the door. The two guys I was with decided to go a fancier buffet hall where all the players hang out (Jean-Baptiste is also on a rugby team with his friends so he knows people).



Most of you know I don’t follow any sport besides Woman’s Gymnastics, so the highlight of my night was embracing my inner Lizzie McGuire via motorcycle ride (Jean-Baptiste’s friend Théo gave me a ride!)




2 thoughts on “Allez Toulon!

  1. I was at that same match! How funny! And by the ‘fancier buffet hall’ do you mean the sponsor’s after-match reception that’s just down the road from the stadium? Because if so, I was at that too 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, small world!! Yes, I actually thought of you because I know your famous Mr. London plays on the team! And yes, it was the reception hall!! That’s so funny you were there- it was only like 3 days after arriving in Toulon so I had no idea where anything was, and it seemed so exotic at the time.. We will meet each other before I am deported! Bisous!

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