Sandeman Free Europe Tours- Paris

Without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever done in each new European city I have visited is take a FREE Sandeman New Europe walking tour. Previously, I learned about these tours from hostels in which I’ve stayed. Most hostels promote things for tourists to do in the city, and this company is very well-known around Europe. In 2010, I took a free walking tour with this company first in Amsterdam and then again in London. Now in 2013, I decided to do the tour in Paris. Even though I have been to Paris countless times, I feel that I can always learn something new about the city. Again, I was not disappointed!

Now, you may be asking how there can be such a thing as a Free tour. Well, it exists, and these tours are fantastic ! Sandeman’s philosophy is that one should be able to see and enjoy a city on any budget. (For the record, at the end of the tour, you are encouraged to tip your tour guide!) these tours are offered usually in English and Spanish, depending on where you are in Europe. All you have to do is go online and find the starting point of the tour and show up! Tours are EVERYDAY at 11 and 1 PM, rain or shine, and last for about 3 hours. The tours exist in 18 European cities, in addition to New York City! This is a great activity for solo travelers, as it gives you a chance to meet a few people along the way. Sandeman also offers other tours to bigger monuments or areas of the city, bike tours, and pub crawls for small fees. For any traveler on any budget, I highly recommending checking out Sandeman New Europe Free Walking Tours if you find yourself in one of the 18 cities in which they’re offered!







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