A Café with A Woman’s Paris

Even though I was technically in Paris traveling alone, I still had a quite a few rendez-vous with friends and acquaintances. A few years ago I started reading a blog online called A Woman’s Paris, which is run by a woman based out of Minneapolis named Barbara Redmond. She features a lot of guest writers and fellow francophiles on her blog (me being one of them- I was published twice: once in 2012 and once in 2013). Barbara was coincidentally in Paris at the same time as me, so we decided to meet up for a café at the famous Café de Flore.

*Image borrowed from Wikipedia site referenced above.*

Café culture in France is such a wonderful yet curious thing, especially in Paris, where the menu prices range depending upon whether you sit at the bar, inside at a bistro, or outside at a bistro, which is the most expensive (but also the most enjoyable!) Additionally, most French people do not sit across from each other, but instead sit side-by-side, facing outwards towards to streets for better people watching (and conversation!) of course, no Paris café experience is complete without giving bisous upon meeting and departing. 🙂

It was so wonderful meeting Barbara in person. She is so passionate about the French language and culture, and just France in general. We had a lovely chat about all things French and France, including what I am doing here and how I can further contribute to her blog. It was such a lovely morning spent in Paris with such a lovely person! Thank you Barbara for a wonderful café !

Be sure to check out A Woman’s Paris, which features wonderful articles every week! (Barbara also is always looking for new writers; contact me if you’re interested!)



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