Caen City Center Flashbacks

Yesterday I didn’t have much planned other than the wedding, so I took advantage of a nice day to go on a run around the city. I took my iPhone with me to take pictures of all of my favorite spots in the city. It gave mea chance to be a tourist for a minute and remember all the places I liked best in the city center. I’ll explain a little bit but you can read about the history of Caen on my blog here.

Two half houses make a whole on either side of the street.

I actually played around in the fountains because I was so hot! Directly across from the university, it was quite refreshing!

The Phoenix was sort of our meeting point back when we studied abroad. Though heavily vandalized it was built after the Second World War to symbolize how Caen, which was 85% destroyed, would come back and before powerful than ever.

A picture of the university I attended; much plainer than any uni in the states.

Remains of le chateau de Guillaume le Conquérant, build around 1066.

The best views of Caen can be seen from these parts of the castle walls. The church is called «Église Saint Pierre.»


These butterfly flowers were always around during warmer weather!

Église Saint Pierre


I love the beautiful winding, crooked, hidden side streets of Caen!

Abbaye aux Hommes was built back when William the Conqueror was in charge. People get married here today. It was always on my way home when I was living in Caen.

Let me know what you think!

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