Note from a Paris Metro Fugitive

Two days ago, when I was traveling from the airport to Paris, with two suitcases and a backpack, had an unfortunate event occur, and a very kind woman help me out. In the Paris metro when you buy your ticket, you slide it through the slot and then it activates the doors/metal revolver around the waist to spin one time. Well, lets just say that with two big suitcases and a backpack I didn’t make it through the door/revolver in just one spin. So, basically I had gotten exactly-one-and-a-half suitcases through the door when I was basically locked out and my ticket deactivated. I was super nervous to be separated by my suitcases in a crowded metro station, but luckily this wonderful woman from what sounded like Burkina Faso helped me slide the other suitcase through the half automatically locked door. Then, she proceeded to instruct me to follow behind a man who was currently inserting his metro pass. Though the metal revolver locked once he went through, the woman was able to hold the door for me and I (with my huge backpack over my shoulders) hoisted myself up on either side and jumped over the metal revolver and through the doors. Any French official who had not been present for this entire incident would have just assumed I was one of the thousands of Parisian bums who try to forgo paying a metro fee of 1,70€. I could have been heavily fined. Instead, I just have a good story to tell. I’m officially a fugitive of the Paris metro.

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