Official Travel Plans/To Do List- 1 week to go!

After months and months of planning, I finally have a semi-organized travel schedule for my departure to France in 7 days! I have everything organized on an app called TripIt (which I discovered through Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to visit every country in the world). TripIt, when synced to your email and smartphone/tablet devices, syncs all of your travel information, including flight/train tickets, hotel reservations, directions, etc. all to one place. It is a mind-blowing app, and one I encourage any frequent traveler to utilize! You can read more about TripIt on Lee’s blog!

Anyways, my official travel plans are as follows:


Monday, 9/2/13 (lundi le 2 septembre)
@ 9:15 AM: Depart from Goerke’s Corner in Brookfield via shuttle to Chicago O’Hare.
@ 4:25 PM: Take off to Stockholm, Sweden

Tuesday, 9/3/13 (mardi le 3 septembre)
@ 7:25: Land in Stockholm, Sweden
@ 10h50: Depart for Paris, France (notice how I changed from “:” to “h“? That’s how the French tell time.
@ 13h25 : Land at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris.

From there I will make my way via RER train B and métro lines 12 and 6 to my friend Marou’s apartment. Although she will be in Canada and the USA during this time, she has most graciously allowed me to stay at her place while she is gone. (Merci beaucoup, Marou!) I’ll spend the night at Marou’s repacking my carry-on and relaxing, perhaps venturing into the city center in the evening. I’ll also need to buy a SIM cardfor my phone as well as train tickets and une carte 12-25 (discount pass for trains for those between 12-25 years of age!)

Wednesday, 9/4/13 (mercredi le 4 septembre)
I will leave my big suitcase chez Marou and head out by train to Caen, Normandy, where I spent four months studying back in 2010. I am going to be staying with my same host family, and also attending my friend Sarah’s wedding on Sept. 7!

Monday, 9/9/13 (lundi le 9 septembre)
I’ll head back to Paris (and back chez Marou) for four days. I’m going to wander Christine style and just pretend to be a Parisian living in
a Parisian apartment.

Thursday 9/12/13 (jeudi le 12 septembre)
I’m going to take a day trip to Versailles castle and then have dinner and spend the night in Le Chesnay, at the home of the eldest daughter
of my host family from Caen!

Friday, 9/13/13 (vendredi le 13 septembre)
I’m heading to Lille, France, to spend the weekend with my friend Ethan, an American from NY state I met while studying in Caen. He is doing his masters in Lille! I am really excited to go to Lille because it is the home of one of my favorite (and successful French movies, Bienvenue chez les Cht’is’ (Welcome to the Sticks). The north of France has the sort of same hick/red neck reputation as the deep
American south (think Honey Boo Boo but to a much less extreme). While in Lille, I’m hoping to meet up with. Fellow blogger, Travelling Amber!

Monday, 9/16/13 (lundi le 16 septembre)
Today I’ll head to Toulon, where I have five days booked in a hostel… 5 days to find some place to live, and the open a bank account, a phone plan, and get my visa process finalized and sorted. After that I’ll have about two weeks of leisure time; I’m hoping to be able to explore around the Mediterranean coast and head to Nice/Menton for a few days before starting work.

All I really have left to do is pack. Do you remember my To-Do List from June? I’ve made progress!

  • Located an official birth certificate and sent it into the WI Secretary of State to receive an apostille stamp
  • Finalize my student loan repayments
  • Get my birth certificate translated
  • Apply and receive work visa in Chicago
  • Apply for an international driver’s license
  • Unlock my iPhone, and then suspend my contract
  • Suspend my gym membership contract
  • Get new passport sized photos
  • Book a plane ticket
  • Notify my bank that I am moving overseas– and increase my credit card limit
  • Finalize all of my medications & insurance
  • Set up a Google Voice Number (message me if you want my  number so we can text while I’m in France!)
  • Reach my saving’s goal of $10,000 by September 1st – unfortunately I will only have about $8,500 saved. Hopefully that will work!



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