Six Things

Confession: I love Twitter. I tweet a lot, and anyone who follows me knows I tweet mostly about travel, feminism, my favorite televisions shows, and celebrities I follow. I have found a lot of great bloggers and have made some great connections and friends on Twitter, including Belle Vierge, who has become my friend. 🙂 Though we have never met, she does know quite a bit about me, and I her! However, we still have much to learn about each other, which is why she both nominated me for a Liebster Award AND has now tagged me in her recent post, asking me these six questions:

  • What’s the most valuable advice you ever received? I have pondered over this question more than any other question you have posed, and I just cannot choose an answer. I guess the thing that sticks out most in my head right now is a derivative from Little Miss Sunshine: “Do what you want and **** the rest.”  I constantly need to be reminded by myself that this is my life and I can do I whatever I want whenever I want with whomever I want.
  • Describe the exact opposite of you. Type B. Hates going out and being around people, and prefers the quiet.  This person is not on social media and doesn’t even have a smart phone. S/he hates traveling– a true homebody. Someone who loves their body and is confident every single day. Someone who loves cars, Star trek, Star Wars, LOTR, video games, football and sports in general, and science & math. Someone who wants to spend all day researching in a lab. Someone who is not afraid to be mean. Straight hair. Tall. Spends all their time thinking about men and relationships, and bases their worth off of them. A far-right conservative. Someone who hates diversity. The list could go on. 🙂
  • What was your most successful cooking/crafting dish/project? I had my students create a wiki on Normandy. This was during my student teaching and it was so exciting to see them do something so awesome!
  • What’s your favorite classic Disney film and your favorite DCOM? These are SO hard to narrow down, but my favorite classic Disney film is a tie between Beauty & the Beast (because of the France influence) and The Little Mermaid (I just always loved Ariel when I was little). My favorite DCOM is a tie between The Lizzie McGuire Movie and High School Musical.
  • If you could guest-star on any current TV show, what show would it be and what would be your role? Again, I pick two. The first would be The Walking Dead, and I would play a survivor who has been in contact with the French (since they were the last to fall) and helping others to safety. My second show would (obviously) be Glee, where I would play Rachel Berry’s girl best friend.
  • If you were an activist, what would be your cause? I want to debunk the pyramid of privilege (from which I benefit, too!): White privilege, male privilege, heterosexual privilege, body-abled privilege, etc. I want to advocate for women, LGBTQ individuals, people of color, and people with disabilities; I want everyone to be able to live in harmony with each other, and I want each person to have the same opportunities as everyone else. I want others to look at others and just see people.

I’m going to pass on these questions on to: Katie, Kristie, Steph, Kelsey, Hannah, & Kim 

1. What would your super power be, if you had one?

2. If you spent a day as the opposite sex, what would you do?

3. You get to have lunch with someone famous at the restaurant of your choice: Who and where?

4. What is the worst advice you’ve ever received or read?

5. Overall, has 2013 been a satisfying year? Why or why not?

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