Dining with the French in Wisconsin, Again

Last week (Bastille Day Week!) I had the opportunity to practice my French at one of my mother’s colleague’s house  (my former French teacher!). She and her husband were hosting the same French family as last year as they embarked on a second US road trip–this time west. We cooked them an all authentic American meal, equipped with barbecued brats, burgers, and hot dogs, as well as potato salad, fruit, veggies, and desserts! I had a lot of fun speaking French with both the adults and teenagers. I learned some more slang (ie: cimer instead of merci!) as well as got a few new French music artists to check out (ie: 1995)!

Ironically enough, I have graduated from the annoying kid who won’t leave the adult table to annoying adult who won’t leave the kids alone! Amazing how that happens once you become a teacher!

This outing was great because it gave me a chance to practice authentic French and make a connection with this family, who lives four hours away and has offered to help me out once I’m in France!

Here is the awesome cake shaped like the French flag we got to eat (via Instagram)! Miam miam!

970090_10200160165079253_360702512_n (1)


What is your favorite American cuisine?



Let me know what you think!

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