How on Earth Did I Choose!?

How on earth did I choose!?

This photo represents the various school districts (académies) throughout France and its various republics (la Martinique, La Réunion, La Guadeloupe, etc.)

All of these academies were grouped into three different lists; and I could choose 1 from each list. My first choice was where I was placed (Nice), which, as you can see, decently small academy, so I have a good chance of getting placed near the coast/larger cities. I studied abroad in Caen, which is in the Northwest, on the English Channel (La Manche); so Normandy was still near and dear to my heart. Although I did not choose Caen, I did pick Rouen as my second choice, which is still Haute Normandie, directly north. (Rouen is where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake). My third choice, Lille, is in the North; I have a friend who is pursuing his Master’s degree in Lille, plus one of my favorite French films was filmed in Lille (legitimate reasoning for my choices, right!?) I am most looking forward to living near the BEACH again for 7 months!



2 thoughts on “How on Earth Did I Choose!?

  1. Hi Dana, I’ve been a big fan of your blog for years now and I’m so excited that the time has finally come for me to start preparing for my TAPIF application next year (17-18) because I finally be graduating from college! I was thinking of putting Lille first, Rouen second, and Strasbourg third. Would you say that which areas you chose really affect getting into the program? Would I have a better chance of getting in if I put no preference? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading! TAPIF doesn’t choose based on location requests but on merit- so where you request won’t have anything to do with your acceptance into the program initially. After they accept everyone, then they rank all the accepted TAPIFers into regions based on their requests. So I say go for it and select what you want for regions- no harm in that!

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