A Year in Review, and a Year to Come.

2012 was a whirlwind of a year. I had a great year enjoying my last year of college, visiting friends, and enjoying life at home. I also went skydiving! Looking back, here is my 2012 New Years Resolutions list, as well as the ones I have accomplished:

1. Apply for the 2013-2014 Teaching Assistantship Program in France, and Fulbright ETA (Completed!)

2. Graduate from college / get my Bachelor’s Degree (completed-I didn’t quit!)

3. Become more active in Social Justice Issues. (Completed! I took a Women’s Studies class for fun, read five feminist-related literature books, and got active on Twitter. I can do more in 2013, though!)

4. Improve my French– watch more movies, read more books, and listen to more music. (I did very well on the music and movies, but not so well on the books.)

5. Obtain my weight / exercise goals (Partially completed! I invested in a personal trainer! However, though I lost 7 pounds this year, I am not yet to my goal weight.)

6. Try to be on a consistent sleep schedule (Progressing! I did really well at this one, but it became increasingly difficult during the summer and during student teaching. Hopefully I will continue this one in 2013.)

Here are a few of my favorite 2012 highlights:

January: Minneapolis & Japan Reunion! At the beginning of January, my friends Sara and Erin came to visit Oshkosh during January. At the end of January, I took a whopping 50 cent bus ride to Minneapolis to visit one of my best friends, Alli!

March: My good friend Erin and I took the train to Chicago for the day, where we visited the Shed Aquarium!

June-August: Worked at the hills and got #hillslyfe to be a trending topic on Twitter. Not to mention, I made some great friends. Additionally, I went water skiing at my sorority’s summer retreat, and I went sky diving in August!!

September-December: Completed my student teaching, and my Bachelor’s Degree!

What I want to do in 2013:

1. Obtain a teaching job– and go abroad! I have applied for several programs and opportunities, and will do whatever it takes to ensure I am on a different continent come September.

2. Become financially independent– with obtaining a job and moving overseas, I no longer want to rely on finances from my parents. I realize that this is a huge step that takes time, but I am determined to not ask for money and be tied down to them. The exception will probably be remaining on their insurance plans for the next year.

3. Learn to cook (and learn to enjoy it!)

4. Read more books: in 2012, I read 25 books. I hope to double this number in 2013, making 50 total books (in either English or French)

5. Confidentially wear a bikini: I have been rocking the “tankini” for a number of years, but I am sick of it, and am determined to confidently strut my stuff rocking a bikini this year. In order to do that, I am striving to hit my body-related goals by summer.

13 Thought-Starters for 2013

I found this template on Life After College– thought I would give it a shot!

  1. What is one new skill that you would like to develop this year? I want to learn to cook!
  2. What is one hobby you want to practice? I want to continue developing my French language skills through films, music, and books. Additionally, I would like to find some new workout regimes I enjoy– such as yoga or kickboxing.
  3. Where is one exciting destination you would like to travel to in 2013? France! My good friend is getting married, and I have applied for two teach abroad programs in France. I know it’s nothing “new” for me, but I miss France!
  4. What is one creative project or idea you would like to undertake? I am re-designing my childhood bedroom this year– hopefully it will be done by February or March.
  5. What one career move would make the biggest impact on your overall happiness and success this year? As stated in my NY Resolutions, I want to move abroad. This has been my goal for 3+ years, and not making it happen in 2013 would be an absolute heartbreak.
  6. What one money move would make the biggest impact on your overall financial picture this year? I need to start saving. Not only do I want to move abroad and travel, but I want to become completely financially independent.
  7. Who is one person you would like to meet or reach out to this year? Because I am moving home, I would like to reach out to other people from my high school and college who have moved back into the area.
  8. What area of your physical space can you clean, purge or re-organize this year? I am moving back to my parents’ home for an undetermined amount of time, so I am looking forward to re-organizing my bedroom.
  9. What is one adventure you would like have in 2013? Move Abroad!

10. What is one health or fitness milestone you would like to hit? I want to confidently fit into a bikini!

11. What is one new system you can put in place, or an area of your life that you can streamline or organize this year? As I said, I am moving home, so my bedroom!

12. What is one thing you would like to ask for help with this year? I am not sure of this one! I will think about it and update it later.

13. What is THE biggest, hairiest, most meaningful thing that you would like to happen this year? Move abroad!!!

Ever Forward,


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