So, I graduated college this month:

grad 1

Things I did in college:

  • Studied abroad twice (one semester in France, and one summer in Japan)
  • Joined a sorority
  • Took trips to New York, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Northern Michigan, Chicago, and Europe (study abroad side trips)
  • Held an on-campus internship
  • Worked an awesome part-time job in the Union
  • Gave campus tours
  • Made the Dean’s List three times, and graduated Cum Laude with a double-major and a minor in 4.5 years

I have three more weeks of student teaching to finish, and then I am home free. People have always told me, “Enjoy college, because the real world sucks,” (or some variation of the sort). However, I could not be more ecstatic to move on to the next phase of my life. In my opinion, #PostGradLife only sucks if you make it suck. There are two ways to transition from college:

1. Take the “safe” route, get a job, and do the adult things you are “supposed” to do (i.e.: buy an expensive car, buy a house, establish retirement plans, go to work, get married, have kids).


2. You can pave your own, awesome, fantastic version of #PostGradLife, in which society does not influence what you do in any way, shape or form. (Path #2 may include various aspects of Path #1, which is totally okay!!!)

I choose the latter. I am choosing to make #PostGradLife even better than #CollegeLife (and my college experience was pretty dang awesome–see above.) I am choosing to follow MY dreams and aspirations, even if they are not what society wants or expects. I refuse to stay within the box, because:

“If you let your life revolve around weekends, you’ll only be living 28% of your life. If you are dragging yourself from Monday through Friday just to drink into oblivion on the weekend: rethink things. Live your life so that every day matters, so that every day is worth remembering. If that means finding a job you care about, start searching. If that means traveling the world, start saving. Just do something: apathy will lead you nowhere.” -cestchristine



Let me know what you think!

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