You Jump I Jump, Jack (Sky Diving in Milwaukee!)

“Well, you’re here, so you know you’re going to do it. May as well enjoy the ride!” These are the words I thought to myself as I boarded the tiny plane I was planning to jump out of only minutes later. My heart was pounding. My palms were sweating. I was in complete fight-or-flight mode as I prepared to jump out of a plane.

I have an adventurous spirit. Weird, I know, right?  Since I knew I wouldn’t be doing any major traveling this year (I did have an epic weekend in Minneapolis, though, thanks Alli!), I wanted to make sure that 2012 in itself was an adventure. So, when the opportunity to go skydiving with some friends became reality, I took the chance!

I have always wanted to go skydiving, and I couldn’t have asked for two better people to accompany me! We went through a quick training, signed a form stating that if we died, we couldn’t sue the company, and waited for 5 hours. During this time we ate, hung out, and watched other skydivers. I was honestly more scared when I was on the ground then when I was in the air, believe it or not, because once I was up in the actual plane, I just thought to myself, “Well, you jump, I jump, Jack!” (Not to mention my feet were already hanging half way out of the plane, and my Tandem instructor basically just pushed me out!)

All-in-all, skydiving was really great, but the actual fall was a lot different from I thought it would be (but not necessarily in a bad way). For example, the thing I was most afraid of was the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you go on a roller coaster. However, I did not (surprisingly) experience this with skydiving. Believe it or not, it didn’t even feel as if one was falling! More or less, it felt as though I was trapped in a vacuum, with the roaring wind surrounding me in all directions. At first, I felt lost– it took me about ten seconds to realize what was going on. The only downfalls were that my ears popped all the way down, and at first I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, because with the speed at which you are falling (120 mph), it is almost impossible to take a deep breath. Oh! That was the other embaressing thing! My mouth went CRAZY! My cheeks fluttered everyone! I couldn’t control it and it resulted in a few quite attractive pictures (as to be seen below!)

Anyways, I would say that  along with graduating college in December, skydiving was the adventure highlight of 2012. My advice to anyone is this: If you are scared to do something, but really want to do it, do it anyways. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Free Falling,


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