Nomadic Matt’s European Giveaway! Why I deserve to win a 12 Day Trip to Europe (or, maybe perhaps why I am the obvious choice)

One of my favorite travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt, is giving away a 12 day trip to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna!

I started a blog when I left for my semester in France. I started a different blog when I left for a summer internship in Japan. I initially started getting into blogging and networking with other expats and travel bloggers as a method of coping and healing from intense reverse culture shock. Come December, I will be a certified teacher. I am a wanna-be-expat. I am a self-proclaimed feminist and francophile. I am open. I am hilarious and kindhearted. But most importantly, I also have a lot of good things to say in regards to teaching others about traveling and different cultures.

I am an independent person. I always have been and I always will be. My independence has become more and more confident as I have entered my twenties and left my teenage adolescence behind. I have always taken the road less traveled, for those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. While the majority of young people graduating college are planning to look for jobs and make money, I am planning to move overseas and seek employment as an English teacher (hence the education degree I will have obtained come December.)

When I started this blog, my objective was to inform my friends of the things I was learning through travel. Now, being back on campus, it is my goal to encourage people to travel and follow their dreams, as well as to provide support to anyone who wants to do something that doesn’t involve conforming to societal norms. As a woman I also want to give other young women and girls like myself the confidence to do these things— even alone, because I believe that American society sometimes hesitates in giving women the satisfaction of being independent. Many, many people find it hard to even eat lunch or go to a movie alone, much less take the city bus or travel to a foreign country.

As our world becomes more and more connected, the world gets smaller. As a world language teacher and blogger, I believe it is more important than ever to teach people of all ages about the world, because it is never too late to travel. Being the winner of this giveaway will further enhance my ability to educate, inspire, and promote my readers about independent travel as an American female, the quaintness of Eastern European culture, and other various aspects related to travel such as hostel life, budgeting, and problem solving (because let’s be honest– nothing ever goes completely as planned during a trip!)

Budapest, Prague, and Vienna– these are all cities in which I have never stepped foot. As the winner of Nomadic Matt’s giveaway, I would provide a fresh prospective as I regard Hungarian, Czech, and Austrian culture and languages (replacing Austrian with German, of course!)

I am a huge fan of community integration, meaning that I believe that integrating oneself into the culture of the country is the best way to get the most authentic experience. I have a close friend who lives in Vienna, Austria. If granted the winner, I will see Vienna through his (a local’s) eyes. As a tourist in a foreign land, one always misses some of the most authentic charms of a city.

Most people do not realize that Buda and Pest are two separate places. Hence, I will make it my mission to see both, and note the distinct differences between the two. I will cross Szechenyi (Chain) Bridge, tour Parliament, hang out in Freedom Square, and experience the variety of offered nightlife.

Prague is one of Europe’s most underestimated cities in the world. Most people to whom I have spoken claim that Prague is their absolute favorite European city. In my opinion, the best way to see a city is to walk or bike. As a fan of free stuff, I will start with Sandeman’s New Europe free tour of Prague, which commences every day at 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM, rain or shine. After generously tipping my tour guide, I will get local advice on the best tourist (and local attractions to see.) Prague is a city of great beauty, and wandering around without a plan will be the best way to see it.

Nomadic Matt, I know it is hard to get to know someone over the internet, but I promise you that my commitment to travel and blogging is not one that staggers. Choosing me will not be a disappointment, but an asset to you.

Sincerely Yours,


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