French Impressions: Dana Wielgus on studying, living and volunteering abroad

Hi Everyone,
Please take a moment to check out my latest: an interview with A Woman’s Paris. A Woman’s Paris is a blog entrely dedicated to France, French culture, and beyond. It is an amazing blog and one I would highly recommend adding to your reading list. I am so honored and grateful to have been given the chance to give an interview. Thanks for reading!

A Woman's Paris

Dana Wielgus, student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, is pursuing degrees in French and ESL (English as a Second Language) Education. At twenty-two and with only a semester to go, Dana is looking forward to completing her student teaching in January. It is her goal to embark on a new chapter teaching overseas.

During her sophomore year of college, Dana studied a semester abroad in Caen, France. She also spent last summer interning as an English Teacher/Camp Counselor in Fukuoka, Japan. A self-proclaimed Francophile, Dana has deep passions for travel, diversity, languages, and different cultures. Becoming a French teacher appeals to Dana because she wants to have the opportunity to educate and inspire young people about the world, in hopes that it positively influences them in the same way as it has influenced her. Besides traveling and all things French, Dana enjoys promoting social activism, blogging, exercising…

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