Jeunes Filles, Prenez-en de la Graine!! (Young Women, Consider Taking Notes!)

I found this article posted on Facebook. If you read French, I highly encourage you to read this very real newspaper article printed in 1960. Its main focus is giving women (or young girls, ages 20-26 ish, les jeunes filles) advice on how to be a good and loyal wife. I am not posting this article in order to point fingers on one country over another, but merely because it is in French and this is a blog about France and all things French. In fact in France at times I felt less discriminated against as a woman than I do here in the states!
In case you do not read French, I’ll provide you with the details below. Enjoy!

In order of the green highlighted items:

1. Make sure supper is ready when he comes home. Make the food in advance, so there is a delicious meal waiting for him. This shows you worry about him and care about his needs.

2. Be Ready; take 15 minutes to touch up your makeup and put a ribbon in your hair. Have that fresh look about you.

3. Do a quick clean sweep throughout the house; make sure everything is in order when he comes home.

4. Eliminate noises to a minimum. Turn off the washing machine, dryer, or vacuum. Encourage the children to keep quiet. Welcome your husband home with a soft, welcoming voice, ready to please him.

5. Listen to him. Even though you may have a dozen things to say, his arrival is not the most opportune moment. Let him speak first–remember that your news is not as important as his. He is your boss.

6. When supper is finished, quickly clear the table and do the dishes. If your husband offers to help, simply refuse because it may risk him feeling obliged to do it in the future. After a long day’s work he doesn’t need to be on his feet. Encourage him to relax.

7. Women’s interests are most often less interesting and more insignificant compared to those of men.

8. Prepare his breakfast ahead of time, the night before. When you go to bed, prepare to go to sleep as soon as possible because your husband will be tired.

9. If you have sex with your husband in bed, it is important to remind yourself of your duty to obey your him. If he wants to sleep, let him sleep. If he wants to have sex, let him guide you with his desires. Do not start the intimacy yourself.

10. Remember that a man’s orgasm is more important than a woman’s. If he reaches orgasm first, then do not ask or encourage him to help you reach orgasm– this way he will fall asleep faster.

This article was written 52 years ago. What do you think? Has much really changed, in France or the US, especially when looking at this? (Thank you Michelle!)


Let me know what you think!

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