Teaching Normandy to High School Students

As many of you may or may not know, I am currently studying to become a teacher of French, and a teacher of English as a Second Language. This past semester I completed my first round of clinical placements at a local high school. I taught a French II class and a French IV/V class for approximately 4 months (September-December) and 60 hours classroom time total. I LOVED it. I finally feel as if I have found my calling for a career (for now.) I know this because unlike before when I was a different major, I always looked forward to going to clinical and teaching, and I really got attached to my students.

As a part of my clinical requirements, I had to teach a 5-day unit. Coincidental, the French II standards include having to learn about the different regions of France. As I told my cooperating teacher that I studied abroad in Caen, she gave me the privilege to teach about Normandy! I spent hours on this curriculum and I loved teaching about it; overall I feel that my students learned a lot. For their final summative assessment, I had my students create a wiki page about all that they learned. Not only is this a great alternative to a written test or exam, but it also gives students a chance to display what they know and use the Internet. This is a great example of what high school freshmen are capable of. Take a look!


Let me know what you think!

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