Des Révalations- 2 ans plus tard (and popular French music!)

This year marks two years since my semester in France. I can’t believe it’s 2012. A lot has happened and changed, but the impact France had on my life has not; it’s still here. I have missed France a lot during these past two years; some days even I still get nostalgic. France changed me. Because of France, I changed my major. Because of France, I took the opportunity to spend the summer in Japan. Because of France, I found myself.
I have spent the past year decorating and re-decorating my blog, wishing to be able to post something. Then it dawned on me. A part of me will always be in France. I realized how I continue to carry France with me wherever I go. I listen to French music, I watch French films, I read books in French, I speak in French online with family, friends, and colleagues, I eat French food, I attend French round-tables on campus, I follow other French-loving bloggers, and let’s face it in December I will officially be a FRENCH teacher. I eat, sleep, and breathe France!
That’s when it dawned on me–

Why should I seize blogging about my life in France ? Why not continue to blog about HOW France has impacted my life, and how I have put Dana à la française back here in Wisconsin?

So, this is what I am going to do! As apart of my New Year’s Resolution, I am going to blog (which is something I love to do) and instead bring France to America Hence, I changed the name of my blog from Dana in France to Dana à la française.

So to start, I leave you now with three of my current song obsessions. These three songs have been on replay on my ipod, especially at the gym! Included I have left a little excerpt about each one!

1. Elle me Dit (She Tells Me): Currently the #1 song in France and sung by a British singer named Mika, Elle me Dit is about a wife nagging her husband to do something with his life.

“Elle me dit c’est ta vie, fais ce que tu veux tant pis. Un jour tu comprendra, un jour tu t’en voudras. Elle me dit t’es trop nul; sors un peu de ta bulle. Tu fais n’importe quoi, on dirait que t’aimes ça. Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie? x2 Danse Danse Danse elle me dit danse.”

“She tells me it’s my life, don’t get to live it twice. One day you’ll understand, become a better man. She’s pulling out her hair, saying she doesn’t care. She doesn’t make no sense; it may not be in French. Why are you wasting your life? Dance, dance, dance she says dance!

2. Chuis Bo(I’m Pretty): This song isn’t really French, it’s just hilarious. Chuis Bo is the phonetic spelling for Je suis beau. Sung by PZK this song is about a man who thinks and knows how beautiful and amazing he is.

3. Logobitomo: Sung by Moussier Tombola, this song is best compared to the American version of Solja Boy’s Crank That. I hope that by the end of my UWO career I will be able to have a flash mob of this song somewhere on campus. 🙂 (Click on the link to view the video)

Let me know what you think!

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