Tokyo, Japan

Day 1
I was so stoked to FINALLY arrive in Tokyo!! Awhile back our old neighbors from Waukesha said I could stay with them for six days, so I was so pumped to spend time with them and see Tokyo through their eyes! I arrived in Tokyo to find Mr. Silong and Keannan waiting for me at the station, where we drove back to their very nice house. I was so pumped to have a comfortable bed and a home cooked meal! They were so welcoming it was overwhelming! The first night, Mitch took me to a local bar where we drank Mojitos and just caught up; it was a very relaxing evening.
Day 2
I was up early because I wanted to see where Codey and Keannan went to school. I took the bus and subway with the boys and Yoshiko and it was an awesome experience. The boys are 12 and 10 years old and take the bus  and train and subway to school every day all by themselves; this is very common in Tokyo and most children start taking public transportation around the age of six years old without any adult supervision. This is one thing I really like about Japan because in the US I could never imagine sticking my 10-year-old on a subway all by themselves! Their school was so amazing (it’s an international school) and it is exactly the type of environment I would like to see myself working in in the future. I want to teach abroad at an international school with an IB or American curriculum; I was able to do a bit of networking and I got my name out there, so we’ll see what happens in the next year and a half! When I got back, Mitch, Yoshiko, and I went  to Asakusa Shinto Shrine in downtown Tokyo, where we saw the famous temples and shrines, did some shopping at the local shop, and had a really good lunch!

After that Mitch took me to the electronic district where we walked around and also talked to the sales girls on the street, who dress in small maids dresses and try to get men to come into their restaurants. Once the men are inside, the girls sit at the table and just talk to them (it’s very expensive- like rated G porn). Haha. That night we went out for Keannan’s 10th birthday; it was a very enjoyable evening.

Electronic District

Day 3
I got to meet up with my friend Kenji from Nagasaki! It was great to see him again. I think the funniest thing was his reaction when he met Mr. Silong. (They had spoken in Japanese on the phone the night before and Kenji assumed he was Japanese- a huge compliment to Mr. Silong’s Japanese!) Kenji took me around Tokyo and then we met up with his other friend Akane at Tokyo station; then we did Karaoke for a while, and ended our night at an Isakia.

Day 4
Mr. and Mrs. Silong took me to an awesome park with really old trees, right in the middle of Tokyo! I  got to taste tea as well, it was great!!

Day 5

Additionally we went to some shrines just outside Tokyo. They were so beautiful and definitely my favorites in all of Japan. Then we had lunch at a Hawaiian restaurant on the beach! We headed home because the boys were due back from school, and that night Mr. Silong took me to Tokyo’s version of Times Square, where I crossed the busiest intersection in the world. Then we had dinner and went to some bars with his friends. It was such a good time and the thing I appreciated most was how they treated me with respect and as an actual adult as opposed to a college student who knows nothing about life or the world. I appreciated it more than I think they realized.

Big Budda

Families will dedicate these small Buddas to their children who have passed on, or who are “special.” There were hundreds!

In a cave- hundreds of Buddas!

The busiest intersection in the world- it’s like this every 30 seconds!

A glimpse of Times Square- Tokyo style

Day 6

That afternoon we took a long stroll through a different part of Tokyo, and ended up at a very famous shrine called Menji Shrine.

Me in front of Menji Shrine

Day 7

It was Saturday so the boys were off school, which was nice. We went to the center of Tokyo and up a few free observatory towers so I could get some pictures of Tokyo. Then we went to a Brazilian festival located in the same area as yesterday; it was a full afternoon!! We had dinner at an awesome Isakia, where you got to deep fry your own food, and then Mitch and I went out for drinks. Again it was a late night.


I can’t thank the Silong family enough for my time in Tokyo. It was beyond anything I had ever expected or deserved, but I appreciate it more than they could ever know. It is a vacation I will never forget.

Stay tuned for one final blog!! Coming soon!

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