Team 2’s Final Farewell!

After 10 straight days of work, Team 2 was ready for our party. We packed up our things, departed right after the campers and then rode for about 1.5 hours back to the Sunlife Hotel, the same hotel we stayed our first night in Japan (very bittersweet). I slept the entire bus ride; I was so tired. When we arrived I found out that I was one of three lucky people who got their OWN room; I was so pumped to have a bed and my own room after sleeping and sharing rooms with 16 people all summer. After unwinding a bit, one of my Japanese friends, Eri, went to the train station with me so I could activate my Japan Rail Pass and also purchase my tickets to Kyoto and Tokyo. Having her there saved my life; thank goodness for translators. It felt good to have all of my things sorted though, so I could just have a care free night. After a quick shower we all took the subway to an Isakia, aka an all you can eat and drink for two hours restaurant. It was a great time; we ordered drinks upon drinks and various meals; Sorry for partying… additionally we gave out our individual awards and had sort a closing ceremony. It was a very fun night. Afterwards some of us decided to go to an International Club called FuBar… I peaced out around 1:00 am but most people came home around 5:00 am; I bid farewell to all of my friends at the hotel that morning, and then set out on my own journey. It was very hard to leave some of my now good friends, especially those residing in Japan; for LOST fans, the famous Desmond quote comes to mind, “See you in another life, brother.”

Chelsa’s award for Ying- Broken sentence award.

Aya and me

Sara, me, and Aya waiting for the subway in Fukuoka

Jinny- how could you not love her. 

Jinny also won the very prestigious Eric Spindler Award– given to one team member who goes above and beyond to work with campers, pouring their heart and soul into their work. She totally deserved it.

Japanese shots

At the club

Sake bomb- full shot glass at the top; you slam the table with both fists; shot falls from chopsticks and into the beer. and then you chug- or as the Japanese say, “Nonde Nonde Nonde…”

My first host family wanted to see me again, so I met up with them at 10:00 am at the train station, where we ate lunch, did some shopping, and a bit of site seeing, finally finishing with the Japanese photo booths.

Shrine on top of Hakata Station

Hanging out with my host family one last time. We’ll see each other again one day 🙂



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