Camp # 3 and Facility Day!

Our 3rd camp was a really big and important camp! (So important, in fact, that Mr. Kan, aka Japan’s Prime Minister’s brother is in charge of the school!) Needless to say, we had a huge impression to make and a lot at stake!  This was a private Catholic all girls’ school; 180 girls and 35 AC’s…no, I’m sorry, tutors! During this camp we were not counselors, we were tutors; we were their teachers and not their friends.  We could not enter their dormitories, we could not have painted nails, we could not have any visible tattoos or piercings, we had to be in “uniform” (camp t-shirt) every day, absolutely NO camera. We could not sing some of our camp songs because they were too “inappropriate” (I’m talking Baby Shark and Baby bumble bee here)- just to name a few rules. Regardless we were ready, but a little freaked out because we heard some really bad things about this camp previously. However we went in with a positive attitude and overall had a wonderful time! I thoroughly enjoyed this camp but was so ready for a day off.

Teams 1, 2A, and 2B!

So between our 4 camps (12 days) we had one free day (our 10/13 day) so we decided to take the bus into the city for a change of scenery. As the weather was hot a good number of us opted for the beach! Overall it was a wonderful decision, we had a lot of fun just swimming and relaxing in the water, catching jelly fish and taking pictures, as well as eating at a restaurant. However, after a few hours it started pouring and we had to make our way back to Global Arena. The only downside was getting horrible sunburn L
This beach was right in front of Fukuoka Tower, a famous monument in Fukuoka.

Me with a jellyfish

Fukuoka Softbank Hawk’s Baseball Stadium

On a pier off the beach

Erin and me in the water, enjoying the view

Danny and me

Anna and me!

Our final camp was a lot different. It consisted of 12 JHS and HS girls, and it was me, Sara, Erin, and Aya as our JC. It was so different going from a camp of 180 girls with a ton of rules to a camp of 12 girls and no teachers or rules- it was a little awkward at first but we made it work and overall had a great time with these girls; I even got some Facebook requests from some of the older girls!!

Team 1, 2A, and 2B!

After 12 days of work I have 6 days of Nagasaki sightseeing and a home stay; more to come soon!!

Let me know what you think!

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