Karaoke, Public Bath House, Museum, & Shopping!

After school and lunch, Akane, her brother, Tokonomi plus his 3 friends, and my host mom, went to karaoke! Karaoke has its origins in Japan but popular all over the world, especially in Asia. Karaoke bars and shops are spread all over Japan. Modern karaoke shops in Japan feature a number of private rooms which are known as private boxes. All rooms are equipped with a karaoke player, screen, and microphones, as well as couches, chairs, etc. You could also order drinks and food in most karaoke boxes. These rooms are available in various sizes such as rooms for one or two people, or large party rooms. The entire process of karaoke is very simple. You enter a title with the help of a remote control and within seconds the video clip of an instrumental version of the selected song appears with lyrics written on the screen. In modern karaoke shops, the song collections are huge and are stored digitally, like the one we went to. I never liked karaoke very much but now I think I would love to do it every day when I am having parties with my friends! This was one of the favorite things we did !

This is your standard rented karaoke room

Silly signs in the building

Silly signs in the building

That night my host mom, sister, and I went to a traditional Japanese bathhouse! Talk about getting up close and personal! Basically you pay a sort of “All you can bathe” fee, and then you enter a “shower room” which is sort of like where we shower here, and then baths upon baths, where everyone sort of just lounges around naked together. Here are some photos of the empty baths.

People say that one has not experienced Japan until you have experienced a bath house. Guess I can check that off my list.

The next day we went to the Fukuoka Nature Museum of History. It was very interesting and my favorite exhibit definitely was the dinosaur.

biggest live turtle I have ever seen- basically the height of my body.

Hedwig from Harry Potter..obviously.

Akane and I at the beginning of the dinosaur exhibit.

Trying to complete a puzzle!

Tsunami display…very moving…
Then we went to the mall for lunch and shopping.

My lunch…real RAMEN

I mean…obviously…

At the mall we had fun with the Japanese photo booths- stay tuned for a future blog explaining this cultural phenomenon!

We ended the night with a traditional Japanese barbecue, and then shot off fireworks in the park!

I had an amazing experience with my first host stay! I hope to continue my relationship with this family for years to come!

In front of their house!



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