Munakata Tisha Shrine- The God of Safe Driving

On our final day off, Mayumi took Sara, Erin, and me to a Shinto shrine and the beach. The shrine we went to was Munakata Taisha Shrine- the shrine for the Safe Driving God!
The Shinto faith has Gods for almost everything imaginable- Basically this God is in charge of keeping everyone safe on the road. See photos below.
Map of Fukuoka and Shrine location just outside the entrance
Shrine’s History Museum
Sara, Mayumi, and Dana outside the Shrine Entrance
Hanging out with the fish!
Here one washes their hands away of bad driving!
Cleaning our hands free of bad driving luck!
Mayumi picked a fortune, and she didn’t like it, so she tied it on the lines with the other lost and forgotten fortunes.
Me with the forgotten and disliked fortunes
Main Shrine where one prays to the God of Safe Driving
We made a wish. Here you give stand in front of a large box, bow twice, throw in your money, make a wish (in your head), clap twice, and bow again to ensure  your wish comes true!
Entrance to nature walk portion and to other smaller shrines (more private)
Stairs, stairs, and more stairs!
Walking along the nature pathways
Me under one of the shrines

Let me know what you think!

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