At the sea, at the Sea, at the Beautiful Sea!

After the Shrine, Mayumi drove us to the beach! I was SO excited to be at the ocean. Being a Midwestern girl with nothing but lake Michigan, take a stab at where I wanted to be when I’m living on an island!? I’ve done the math and I have faced both sides of the Pacific Ocean (Japan and California), two sides of the Atlantic Ocean (Iceland & New York, and Boston), and the English Channel (in France). How cool is that!? Well, basically we just spent the afternoon riding ocean waves and tanning (while all the other Japanese women covered their skin with their umbrellas! 

This dude (Ryo) asked us to take photos with him so he could prove to his friends that he met white people!

Riding waves

Erin, Dana, Sara

All these years later, I still got it…

Such a great day!

Right now we are in the middle of a camp, it is SO awesome and I am having a great time; I will leave for my host family stay in 2 days!!! Hopefully I will post more before then but if not, I will have a ton to write about in the next few weeks!



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