Global Arena, Home Sweet Home

Here are pictures of my “Home Base” Global Arena. It is a very beautiful facility north of Fukuoka. Most of our camps are held here, and even if they are not, this is where we store all of our things. We are SO spoiled here at Global Arena; there is WIFI, air conditioning, a cafe, a “resting area” (where we like to hang at night), a gym, a courtyard, a library, dining facilities, a convenience store, laundry, main lobby, and VERY nice bath houses. The pictures of Oita baths do not even do justice.

 Welcome to Global Arena

View outside Global Arena

Main Lobby at Global Arena

No Side Dining Facility

Directions in English

Sleeping Quarters

Outside Quarter

Cute Cafe and Library

Convenience Store

Walking down the mountain on our way to 7/11

4 thoughts on “Global Arena, Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi, I know this blog post is pretty old (2011), but i’m headed out to the Global Arena in about 4 days, and your posts about your time in Japan and your pictures have put my mind at ease!

    1. Aww yay! Are you doing USA Summer Camp? I had a great experience in japan and learned a lot; I’m sure you will too! Just embrace the public bathing and cultural differences and you’ll be fine 🙂

      1. I am doing USA Summer Camp. I leave this Thursday actually. I’ve never been out of the country so i’m a bit anxious, but I intend to embrace every moment!

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