Nagoya, Japan

Just a quick update to let you all know that I have arrived safely in Nagoya, Japan! I am currently sitting at my departure gate waiting for my final connection to Fukuoka, with about 45 minutes to spare. The airport is creepishly empty, aka I’m the only one sitting here and my plane leaves in 45 minutes.

Customs, though frustrating, was a breeze. Hello, language barrier. English is of course very accented but I did my best to understand and speak very slowly. I did however, have someone official waiting for me with a sign, how awesome is that!? She helped me all the way until now, at my next flight. So, here I am now, a hot, sloppy mess, with over 14 hours total of airplanes, and still counting.

How do I know I’m in Japan: I don’t speak the language nor recognize the written calligraphy; there are mountains, and a lot of oceans (beautiful), I am the only blue-eyed and curly-haired blonde for miles, and the toilets are not what we see in North America. Here was my first view of a Japanese bathroom, aka a Japanese toilet. In modern places like airports, there is a choice of both Western and Japanese toilets; obviously most of you know what a Western toilet (USA style) looks like, but here is what a Japan one looks like:

Basically, you stand over it, with one foot on each side, and, well, squat facing the arched side.

 Many Japanese prefer these toilets because they are actually cleaner and more sanitary, as no part of the body touches the actual toilet. I do see their point but I always make a point to not touch the seats in a public bathroom in the states either (and, in France, there are not often toilet seats in public places such as restaurants, so that sort of eliminates that option.)

Let me know what you think!

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