Final Preparations with 16 days to go!

I cannot believe I leave for Japan in a mere 16 days now! A lot has happened since my last post, and I know a lot more of what is going on now.

I received my flight information! Basically, here is my departure schedule:

1. Milwaukee–Detroit (Depart 10:54 am, arrive 1:07 pm) — only an hour and 10 minute flight, but with an hour time change.

2. Detroit–Nagoya (Depart 3:50 pm, arrive 5:55 pm)- don’t let this confuse you- I arrive 5:55 pm July 9th !! This flight is 13 hours long, and from the Eastern time zone in Detroit, Japan in an additional 13 hours ahead of the United States!

3. Nagoya–Fukuoka (Depart 7:30 pm, arrive 8:50 pm on July 9th). Yep, I have to take yet another domestic flight after arriving in Japan to my final destination…sigh, it’s going to be a long 2 days!

Because I received my flight information, I was able to send in my medical requests (yay!) Hopefully that will come in in time.

I received my host family stay information! We will have 2 home stays, 4 days  and 3 nights each. We could opt out of one home stay but that would mean we are on our own- I have a week at the end and I don’t really know what’s going on yet, so, I just opted for both; I’ll get a great cultural experience nonetheless, and as I stated in an earlier blog post I had an awesome home stay experience in France; hopefully Japan will be just as successful and it will result in more lifelong friends around the world !! 🙂 I also purchased a JR Japan Rail pass for $404–ouch. But, actually, I guess this will save me a ton of money, as a one-way ticket to Tokyo for an adult costs $230 alone, and with this rail pass I have 7 days of unlimited train, bus, and ferry travel.

We also received our camp schedule! It looks crazy but awesome. However, we get to stay in Kyushu’s Global Area for our camps, and it looks pretty legit (i.e.: roofs instead of tents, flushing toilets, etc!) Additionally, for a few days we have camps in Hiroshima!! I am realizing what a WWII junkie I am turning into– I lived in Normandy and now I will be living near Nagasaki and in Hiroshima! (How many people can say that!?) There are 9 total camps, 2 home stays, one “trip” and some “facility/prep days.” It’s going to be a crazy ride!

For my week of traveling I decided I for sure want to see Kyoto and Tokyo, and I would really like to climb Mt. Fuji.

Anyways, now all I have to do is buy a backpack, host family gifts, and pack!! In the mean time I am focusing on my summer class, working out, and waitressing! From what it looks like on the Facebook Page , everyone who has participated has loved it and has gone back/ really wants to go back.There is a video about the Kyushu page as well, so check it out!!

Finally some closing words, I got into touch with some of my “Teammates.” Most of us are from the Midwest (Wisconsin & Minnesota- UW Oshkosh, UW Whitewater, UW Riverfalls, UM Twin Cities, UW Green Bay, Ramussen Business College (in Minneapolis), and one student from Los Angeles at UCLA.) We are all between the ages of 19-28, which is an awesome range; most of my friends nowadays fall between the ages of 19-31, so that is perfect for me!

I do not know how much internet I will have over in Japan, but regardless I plan to bring a laptop and blog my experiences via Microsoft Word and post them when I can. I hope to post at least once more before departing; if not I will talk to you all soon!



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