Final Week France Style

This past week was pretty much an intense haze, as exams were finally upon us. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that amongst all the fun I’ve been having I have to study; it’s true. I have 19 hours of class each week; in total I had 8 exams: Monday-grammar, Tuesday-phonetics, Wednesday- speaking, Thursday-history of France, and Friday-literature and oral comprehension. I must admit, they were very hard; I spent a lot of my week reviewing and in front of books. This week, I have an additional oral exam on Tuesday and a written exam on Thursday, and then I will be home free. Thankfully, I did find the time to go to the beach every day on the English Channel.

On Friday night, our group had its last hurrah on the town, and then continued our fête at the beach again on Saturday, despite heavy winds. That night, I went to a Mascarade with my host mom, which was actually awesome. We got to see people completely decked out in costumes and masks; it was honestly magnificent; I wish I had had my camera. Regardless, it was awesome spending time with Catherine, listening to music and shopping around. It was such a cute village in Normandy!

Ryan, Catherine, and me having a drink on the seaside…

Caen in the springtime

On the English Channel

Final soirée

My host family has a wonderful garden that I like to pass the time in. Sunday, my friends Ryan, his sister Sara, Paige, and Laci came over for a barbecue. It was so great and delicious! My host family also took us to the most BEAUTIFUL gardens near the Caen Memorial, which were completely breath taking. They sure do put Jardin des Plantes in its place.

BBQ in the jardin

Pierre and me

Well, this brings me to my last week in Caen, quite uneventful thus far. I’ll keep you all posted for my LAST and FINAL blog!



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