London 2010

For my final non-French destination, a few of us decided to take a long weekend to London. On Tuesday, we had one class at 5:30, and then we were off to the train station to catch the next train to Paris. We arrived in Paris at about 20h00, made the connection to the bus station and then left at11 PM. We traveled all night long until we got to the border around 2 AM. So, we had to get off the bus and take all of our things through customs. Next, we got back on the bus, drove across the street, and then had to get off and do the same thing on the British side (fantastic.) Finally, the bus attached itself to the channel and we arrived in London at 4h30 AM. Exiting from Victoria Station and seeing Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, and the London Eye was incredible. We decided to take in the city and just walked to our hostel. It was an amazing and beautiful walk, I had to keep pinching myself, telling myself that I was finally in London! Our hostel staff was really chill, and the hostel overall was very nice, with a central location and free breakfast! After a quick nap, we were ready to get out and explore..which we did! We first went to the British National Museum, King’s Cross, Platform 9 3/4 (this was my favorite!), Covent Gardens, Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus.

The next day, we started off with a free walking tour of London; we got to see Buckingham Palace and the changing of the Guards, as well as the home of Princes William and Harry, Green Park, Hyde Park, and many more details along the way. After that, Ethan and I decided to see a West End show– Hair!! The absolute best part was being able to go up onstage and DANCE at the end. Yes, that’s right, I got to dance on a West End stage during the show. It was the most incredible feeling to look out at the audience and see everyone clapping for you…amazing. We ended the night with a Pub Crawl. We went to five different bars throughout the night and received four free drinks along with waived entrance fees.

Our final day in London was spent eating fish and chips, riding the London Eye, finding Millennium Bridge and Tower of London (and the bridge), and visiting Tate Modern Art Museum. I really overall loved London and I am so glad I finally achieved my dream of going there ! The tubes in London are fantastic– so clean and easy.

On our way home we ended up being delayed due to a stuck train in the channel, so we had to take a ferry, but in our favor, we got to see the cliffs of Dover, so the ride was beautiful! We got to Paris really late and ended up missing our train, resulted walking around Paris until 2h30 am trying to find a hotel. We finally did, and then I left about 6 hours later around 8h30! I found myself back in Caen around 11 am, where I had the chance to walk around the Sunday market downtown and enjoy the fantastic weather. I had lunch with my family and then studied for exams with my friends, dinner ending chez Ryan. It was a good week.

Emerging from Victoria Station

The London Eye


Green Park

Buckingham Palace

Outside of Hair on the West End

Atop the London Eye

On London Bridge

On Millennium Bridge as seen in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

My dream come true- Platform 9 & 3/4… off to Hogwarts!

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