J’adore Ma Famille Française

This week was all about my family, cultural experience, and speaking lots of French…wonderful!! On Wednesday we had my host brother, Jean Baptiste’s birthday dinner! He is 31 today! I invited my 3 friends Ryan, Ariel, and Laci over for dinner, in addition to my host sister Florence and her husband Jean-Claude, and JB’s friends Sara, Celine, and Heroin, whom I met my very first weekend here in Caen. (Hopefully my French has improved a bit since then!) Overall the dinner was fantastic, lively, and fun! We ate, laughed, and smiled. All three of us spent the night as dinner in France takes forever. On Friday we went to the village of Clecy to go kayaking with the university. It was our last and final excursion!  We had groups of 2; I was with my friend Paige. This kayaking was intense…more like whitewater rafting! We descended down waterfalls and had our boats FILLED with water…not cool!! We were soaked!! Today was also Paige’s 21st birthday, so we went for drinks to celebrate that night and I ended up crashing at Laci’s.
On Saturday, my host family had a huge party for my host mom’s brother’s 70th birthday. Their entire family came over! It was a beautiful day and we spent it in the garden. Their oldest daughter, Sophie (34), came from Versailles with her husband, Alexandre, and their 4 children: Thomas (8), Matthieu (6), Juliet (2), and Victor (1 month). There were also Florence and Jean-Claude and other cousins and children! It was so fun to watch them though! They are just like American children in the sense that they say the same types of phrases and play the same types of games. The only difference I see in children is that they eat anything given to them (ie; mussels), and they eat with forks and knives, and give bisous.

My host family has a beautiful backyard! That night we went to dinner at the seaside on the English Channel. We had mussels & french fries…my first time trying them and they were delicious!! The next day I went with my family to a fancy lunch at the seaside. It was so good and fun!


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