I am absolutely fascinated by Iceland. It literally looks like Mars. There are volcanic rocks everywhere and the landscape in general was just very different.

Because of our chaotic travels thusfar, we were ready to just hit the beach. So, we booked the bus to go to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most famous hot water spring. It was the best idea of all time. We had a private driver drive us to and from the Blue Lagoon! I knew we had arrived because you can see it from far away because there is so much steam. It was so exciting to get into the water and be warm! The most interesting part about the Blue Lagoon is that most people spend only two hours here, but we spent all day! In the Blue Lagoon, there is a bunch of sulfur-based sand that you can to put on your face to look 10 years younger! It made our skin feel wonderful, that’s for sure!

After the Blue Lagoon we came back to our hostel and made dinner. We also met some German dudes who had rented a car and had traveled the entire perimeter of the country, which would be awesome to do in the future. They were going out tonight as tonight was the “First Day of Summer” in Iceland. Keep in mind that summer meant naked trees and highs in the low thirties…yuck. The sun sets at about 11 pm so we were quite thrown off by that as well.

The next day we decided to go to Reykjavik City Center. It was cold but we bared the wind. It was beautiful nonetheless; it is built right on the Atlantic Ocean, and the buildings are all kinds of colorful. We went to the famous, organ-shaped church and climbed to the top for stellar views. We could see all of Reykjavik and beyond. Afterwards we could no longer stand the cold and ended up at a small cafe!

Our final day we decided to take the “Golden Circle” tour of southwest Iceland. The tour bus picked us up right in front of our hostel. The first thing we did was see a bunch of greenhouses and the power plant. Iceland is very green and advanced with their conservative technology. It was very interesting to see what they did. Next we went to see the geysers, which was like nothing I had ever seen! The largest one explodes about every six minutes, so we saw it from many different angles. We also saw a bunch of waterfalls, and fed Icelandic horses, which are smaller than normal due to the island effect. To answer everyone’s question, we did see the volcano from a distance but the pictures didn’t really turn out. Finally, we saw glaciers! It was so cold though; I don’t know how anyone could live in Iceland year-round!

The next day we were supposed to leave, but of course our flight was cancelled. Because we were stuck we got to go to the tourist office and get free welcome passes! We decided to take a boat to this tiny island. We just had coffee and stared at the mainland. We also went to a thermal pool right next to our hostel. The thermal pool was nice but we didn’t stay long. It would be like going to a public swimming pool, except it’s only 30 degrees outside. Don’t worry though, the pools were heated!

Let me know what you think!

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