Stockholm, Sweden

We arrived in Stockholm at approximately 6h03 AM. After a long metro ride into the center, we arrived at our hostel to find free Internet, free tea and coffee, and LAUNDRY! Since this was a come-and-go-as-you-please hostel, we found our beds and started loads of laundry.

Next we left our hostel and started walking towards the city center without much of a plan in mind. On our way I saw a sale for shoes. By this point my one pair of boots had been completely destroyed, so I happily chose a new cute pair of high-heeled Swedish boots for only about 11 USD–about 99 Swedish kroners. The lady working at the store also gave us a map and some suggestions of what to do and see, which was awesome. We headed on our way to the city center, which was very beautiful! Stockholm has 14 islands, so it’s a very unique layout. I must say I prefer it over Oslo, although it was even colder! We first went to the “Old Town” to walk around, do some shopping, and buy some postcards. Next we went to the Royal Palace and saw the changing of the guard, which was cool. We decided to take a tour of the Royal apartments in the palace, which were very beautiful. It was very interesting to see the perspective of the king’s son, who told his own description of each room at the age of five.

My favorite part of the day was sitting and indulging on cake in Sweden’s most iconic cafe. To end the day, we walked around the ports and the boats before heading back for the night. On our way we also found a few cute parks, cemeteries, and churches, which we took time to explore. We went to a marathon festival downtown and then crossed to some unexplored islands. We went to the biggest park in Stockholm to go exploring and then finally trekked back about an hour to the hostel. We also saw a few monuments including the Opera House and a Boat that was found and restored!

When we returned to our hostel that night we found out that our flight to Copenhagen was cancelled. So, we spent the next few hours searching for buses and finally found one for the following day. Unfortunately we lost our last day in Stockholm, so I hope I will get to come back one day with more time and money.

This is the café where we ate!



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