Olso & Flam, Norway

We arrived in Oslo mid-afternoon, only to find that we were quite far from the city center. Therefore, we had to board another bus to take us to the Central Station. Check. So now we are in Oslo. Fantastic. But where oh where is our first hostel? Yeah, we had no idea either. I finally asked a Norwegian man who pointed us the right way. After asking numerous people we arrived about a half hour later. Luckily for us, we had our own room!

The next day, we found the port and a really cool fortress. We explored for a few hours, and then ended up at a cafe where we ordered coffee and wine. Something I really liked about this restaurant is that they provide blankets to everyone outside at the tables! And as I am always cold, I got all up on that. Also, it seems like everyone in Norway speaks English.

The day was cut short because I was feeling really sick around 3 PM, so we just went back to the hostel. However, the following day we walked to the famous sculpture park in Oslo, where we spent a few hours taking pictures and admiring the unique architecture.

Oslo also has a new Opera House, so we decided to go see it and climb to the top! It was great to see Oslo from atop. We took a lot of pictures and just lounged on the rooftop while also eating some snacks we had brought along. The day ended with pizza at a famous Scandinavian restaurant.

The next day, we said farewell to Oslo and boarded a train to Gudvangen. It was a long ride from the east to the west of Norway. We had to get on a connecting train when we got there…which was a 45 minute “Romantic Train ride” through the fjords! We ended our ride in Flam, Norway, which felt like the middle of nowhere. Speaking to a local, we learned that this village is home to 315 people– the oldest being a 92-year-old man. Within eyesight there are approximately 10 houses, one general store, one restaurant, and a port, all surrounded by maintains. We first explored the grocery store and found our hostel, which was by far the nicest of the bunch! We had our own room again, with a nicer shower. We washed our clothes in the sink and went to the restaurant for dinner. We also walked around and saw the whole entire town!

The next day, we went on a hike around Flam! We hiked three hours all the way up the mountain to this amazingly beautiful waterfall. The pictures do not do justice to the amazing views of Flam. Even though it was still cold, it was still beautiful. I can imagine how pretty it is during summer! After our hike, we caught a boat ride through the fjords; we had wine and took pictures and just enjoyed the scenery. Finally, we made our way back to Oslo via an overnight train.

Our final day was spent at the National Gallery, which was really great. There were a lot of beautiful paintings, including Edward Munch’s Scream! That afternoon, we met up with our friend Rine, who was home on holiday in Oslo! It was so great to see her! We went to lunch and had delicious bread and jam. (In Norway, there are too different prices: one to eat in and one to eat out.) Rine also took us to the famous Olympic Ski Jump on the outskirts/suburbs of Norway, which was cool to see in person! We explored the ropes course and then talked and lounged in the sun on picnic tables. We finally left and went back to the city center.

We woke up on our final day in Oslo to find that a volcano in Iceland had erupted…fantastic, right? So, Rine texted us to say that no flights were leaving Norway today, meaning that the train station was hectic! Everyone was scrambling to figure things out! I used the computer in an Internet cafe, Fez looked at buses, and Ryan looked at trains. We finally found an overnight bus to Stockholm, which we decided to take. It was a long ride but we were able to sleep a bit. Overall Norway was great, but TOO expensive! Stay tuned for Stockholm!

The Sculpture Park-resembles me a bit eh?



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