Theatre and Birthday Party

On Friday night, Ryan and I went to the theater with my host family. We went to see a funny comical play with two actors (A Belgium man and Parisian woman). It was very sexual and hilarious. I could understand a good amount if I really concentrated. The woman randomly broke out in song in English (Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody & Mamma Mia-Money Money, Money). The ironic thing about this theater performance was that the main female actress and her mother are actually old family friends of my host family. So, the mother came over before the play to catch up and to have cocktails. We all went to the theater together (Pierre and Jean-Baptiste took Ryan and me to the Atlantic and the Grand Hôtel beforehand), and then had VIP reserved seats. Afterwards, the actress and her mother returned to my house and we all had a very late (0h00) dinner!!!

Saturday was my birthday party! My family has had quite a few exchange students in the past…and for each student they allow them to have a dinner party with all of the international students. This Saturday was mine! Because it was also my birthday the week before, we called it my birthday party. I helped my host mom, Catherine, prepare some food on Saturday. I had about 23 people coming that night! (American, Austrian, Norwegian, Canadian, Thai) We prepared all day, Pierre put lights out in the garden, we arranged chairs throughout the salle de séjour, and arranged the table. Sooner than expected, 8 pm arrived. I went to the bus stop to greet my guests, whom were all very nicely dressed and carrying goodies (wine, baguettes, cheese, pasta salad, dirt cake), and other works. It was a very fine evening involving wine, food, and dancing. At 11:06 pm we all decided (including my host brother) to go to Centre Ville to club / dance. I cannot even express the bus driver’s face when he saw all of us waiting at the stop. The evening ended rather late, and Ryan and I slept until later the next day (Though I was up and cleaning with Pierre, no worries! I haven’t forgotten my manners!)

JB surprised me with two gateaux aux fraises for my birthday, equipped with 20 candles! I was so happy!

Let me know what you think!

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