WWII Memorial, Bayeux, & the D-Day Beaches

This past weekend was a good one. On Saturday we visited the Memorial de Caen with school. It is a museum dedicated to WWII (In case you did not know, the city in which I reside, Caen, was 85% destroyed by bombs during WWII, and was all reconstructed.) It was so interesting to see how different Caen looked just 50 years ago! I also saw some pictures of the location of my house in Caen, back in the 1940’s!

On Sunday, our school had its second excursion. We went to the D-Day beaches! We started off at the Tapestry Museum in Bayeux and learned about the tapestry created to show the Battle of Hastings with William the Conqueror.

Bayeux, France

Bayeux, France
Paige, McKenna, me, Kyle

Next we stopped at Juneau Beach. Some of the original barriers are still there, so it is of course a very moving experience. We collected some sand to take home as a remembrance. Next, it was on to the German bunkers, which always seize to amaze me. World War II is probably my favorite period in history. Finally, we ended at the American Cemetery and Omaha Beach. This is always, of course, a very moving experience.

Aux plages d’émbarquement

D-Day Beaches

Aux plages d’émbarquement

American Cemetery

American Cemetery

Me in a D-Day (Jour-J) bunker



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