St. Malo and Mont Saint Michel

This past Sunday, I was up at the crack of dawn (5:45 am) to get ready for our first excursion to St. Malo and Mont Saint Michel. I had breakfast and then Pierre drove Ryan and me to Herouville St. Clair Château d’Eau to wait for the bus, which arrived at 7h30 to accompany approximately 60 students.

We first drove to St. Malo, which was just as gorgeous as I remembered, even in February. We took a walking tour around the wall, and then some of us wandered off to eat lunch. Ryan and I decided to do a bit more exploring, and go rock climbing next to the sea.

 St. Malo, Bretagne

St. Malo, Bretagne

 St. Malo, Bretagne
Pouvez-vous me trouver?

Next we went to Mont Saint Michel, which is absolutely breathtaking! It is the second most visited attraction in all of France!

 Le Mont Saint Michel

 Le Mont Saint Michel

 Le Mont Saint Michel

4 thoughts on “St. Malo and Mont Saint Michel

  1. We will be going to Saint Mali for a day on the 14th February whete dos you do the rock climbing as every where j have contacted are not open??

    1. Oh gosh, we just went hiking on our own! It wasn’t official rock climbing, just being on the beach.

      Yeah, sometimes these things shut down during winter .

      Have fun!

      1. Oh right I see, is there any activities like hands on things near Saint Malo that you know of which we can do like archery? or even a busier city which is for the young


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