Bonjour tout le monde! I just had an orientation at the Université de Caen; we took a tour of campus and met some other international students. There are a LOT of students from China. Additionally, I met a few from Kentucky, Iran, Indonesia, and Malaysia. They were all quite nice and pleasant to talk to. For the most part, the only language we all have in common is French, so that is also quite interesting. Anyways, I live about 20 minutes away from campus by bus / tram and I have to take both to get there. The public bus leaves about a block from my house, and then I have to transfer to the tram to the université. I am very overwhelmed right now but I am hoping things cool down in a few weeks. The campus is very large, and the number of students is similar to that of Madison.

I have the rest of the weekend off, though tomorrow there is a party for all of the exchange students and our families. My mind is slowly but surely starting to think in French. I hope by the middle of February I will be better!



Let me know what you think!

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