A Quick Update from Paris!

Hey Everyone, just a quick update to let all of you know that I have arrived safely in Paris. I am having a fabulous time getting to know everyone, and I can’t wait to have an actual update about my 5 days in Paris. We have done a lot so far, and tomorrow we leave for Caen. I am quickly burning myself out, but stay tuned; I’ll have a full blog with pictures on my first week here hopefully by tomorrow night. Additionally, stay tuned for the first round of postcards; if you have given me your address, they will be on their way shortly! 🙂

Much love from Paris!

❤ Dana

4 thoughts on “A Quick Update from Paris!

  1. Hi Dana, this is Jackie and Tom. Your grandparents are here in Cincinnati visiting us. They are doing well. We are sitting at the bar and having gimlets. I hope France is the best for you.Love,Jackie

  2. hi honey,,,glad you arrived safe & are having a ball.we are at tom & jackie's having a great visit leaving tomorrow to tenn. stay well & safemiss you…luv grandma & grandpa

  3. Dana,Your Grandma and Grandpa are here in Cincinnati and they said Caen is having a Bordeaux wine festival. Can you send us a case of 1958?Have fun and watch out for those frenchmen,Love ya'Cousin Tommy

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